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Sustainable Construction

Victoria Institute of Building Assessors

VIBA was created by a group of Building Surveyors, Building Inspectors and Architects seeking to establish an industry base for the registration of professional Builidng Assessors for consumer access to verify the NCC Mandatory Performance Requirements for that build with each team member providing a version of their own field of expertise and skills as Building Assessors.

The team have been able to establish the consumer VIBA connection based on the following high level of team professional excellence as demonstrated through the awards and achievements of each foundation member.

Professional Membership

VIBA Members are authorised Building Surveyors, Building Inspectors, Engineers and Architects that can provide a pre-assessment report on the actual building dispute to enable the applicant the best approach to the dispute.

Domestic Buildings

Consider if domestic building work is defective or incomplete or does not comply to building laws. Our purpose is to enhance consumer protection in relation to domestic building works by providing for new processes of domestic building disputes.


Prepare documentation on behalf of either the Owner, Builder or if directed by others for items in dispute to consider if domestic building work is defective or incomplete or does not comply to building laws.

About Us

Industry Based Professionals

VIBA members include a wide range of specialists assessing various sectors of the building industry. Services include independent technical advice and reports by way of construction reports, expert reports for building disputes and court cases.

One of our main objectives is to foster and continually improve the quality of service provided by members to the public and industry in the various areas of building consultancy and assessing.

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Victoria Institute of Building Assessors

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