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Our Members

Below sets out our membership requirements, our current members, and an invitation for professionals and experts wishing to join VIBA.

Membership Requirements

The Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 describes Building Assessors under Section 48

  • Who are prescribed persons in categories as registered building practitioners in relation to building work Section 238(1)(b) of the Building Act
  • Assessor under Section 48 of the DBC Act 1993 must be either:
    (a) an Architect registered under the Architects Act 1991
    (b) a building practitioner registered under the building Act 1993 section 169E

Below is our list of members and our invitation for membership.

Invitation for Membership

If you are a registered Building Surveyor, Building Inspector, Engineer or Architect and would like to be involved as a party to a body where the consumer can have access to any type of building report, please contact us.

The members categories would consist of:

  • Building Surveyors
  • Building Inspectors
  • Engineers
  • Architects

The purpose of this collective is to enable the consumer to contact a service provider for their requirements via our 1300 00VIBA number or via this website for either of the following situations:

  1. To provide an assessment survey on the actual building enquiry or dispute to enable the applicant the best approach for the parties involved.
  2. To provide a report to identify the defective and incomplete contract works for the consumer to liaise with the other party or to submit a DBDRV claim for a resolution outcome.

Depending on the resolution outcome whether acceptable for VCAT to then prepare an expert report.

Assessors may also provide Expert Evidence for the courts.

VIBA is a registered name.

Let's Build Trust

Victoria Institute of Building Assessors

Melbourne, Australia
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