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VIBA Statement of Practice

Below sets out the Victorian Institute of Building Assessors’ Role, Legislative Rules and Purpose.

Role of the Victorian Institute of Building Assessors?

The role of the VIBA is to establish an industry base for the registration of professional persons with the skills to verify the NCC Mandatory Performance Requirements for that build.

What is the role of a Building Assessor?

Prepare documentation on behalf of either the Owner, Builder or if directed by others for items in dispute to consider if domestic building work is defective or incomplete or does not comply with the NCC Mandatory Performance Requirements.


The Building Legislation Amendment (Consumer Protection) Act 2017
made amendments to the following Acts:

Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995, Version 081 24 May 2017

Building Act 1993, Version 117 26th September 2018


To enhance consumer protection in relation to domestic building works by providing new processes for domestic building disputes including advice for owner and builder for their application to the Domestic Building Disputes Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) administrated by the Consumer Affairs Victoria.

The requirement for disputes must be referred to DBDRV before any proceeding can be commenced at VCAT.

The DBDRV is the action of mediating between two disputing parties to a domestic contract.

The DBDRV is not affiliated with the VBA.

Who is an Assessor:

A Building Assessor is a person who is professionally qualified and knowledgeable in a particular field and is called upon to give an assessment.

An Assessment is the process of systematically gathering information as part of an evaluation for the report.  

The Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 describes Building Assessors under Section 48

  • Who are prescribed persons in categories as registered building practitioners in relation to building work Section 238(1)(b) of the Building Act
  • Assessor appointed by the Chief Disputes Resolution Officer under Section 48 of the DBC Act 1993 must be either:
    (a) an Architect registered under the Architects Act 1991
    (b) a building practitioner registered under the building Act 1993 section 169E

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